If vulnerabilities are found in the network, they must be resolved through suitable structure optimization processes. We offers you a customizable optimization model, in which the relevant requirements, factors and cost functions can be defined.

Through our optimization system you can test various current scenarios and different trends, as well as the effects of changed structures and make comparisons with regard to quantity and quality.


  • Copy, duplicate, delete and manipulate scenarios with all included objects
  • Determine the validity of a scenario via the sensitivity analysis
  • Share and allocate resources in manageable units
  • Manage and compare the structure of calculation results
  • Infinite scenarios according to requirements

 Planning and optimization enables you to:

  • Increase the agility of your field service operation
  • Schedule field resources dynamically, in real time
  • Use the power of the cloud to drive efficiencies in your business.
  •  Improve customer service
  • Provide visualization of your field service operation enabling easier and more efficient management
  • In depth analysis of service operation by virtually any criteria.