Microwave link installation is performed by our qualified and certified team in adherence to all local safety laws and safety certification..  Teams can be scaled to meet the build-out market demand and project schedule.

Microwave link installation includes:

                • Rooftop, tower or mono-pole locations through use of riggers (crane, bucket extra)
                • Installation of dish antenna on existing antenna masts.
                • Running, labeling and securing of required cables
                • Installation of grounding cable
                • Installation of DC power cable from customer provided power source and breakers
                • Validation of correct power and grounding of system
                • Validation all of cables through cable testers
                • Confirmation of installation quality through established punch-list
                • Detailed photographs of installation
                • Comprehensive MOP – outlining installation procedures and configuration details

We adhere to rigid standards of safety and excellence as well as client and manufacturer specifications.