We offer fiber optics roll-out and maintenance services for high bandwidth connectivity networks which allows us to transport circuits over fiber optic in an easy and safe manner, providing our customers with secure end-to-end optical fiber connections. We offer rollout services to active sites(FTTS), to buildings(FTTB) and to homes(FTTH).

  • FTTH: Fiber to the premise, home, business or desktop are the most direct fiber lines. With them, you are getting pure fiber straight to your residence, with no copper cables involved. These are also the most expensive fiber connections for the ISPs.
  • FTTB: With fiber to the building, the fiber line is distributed throughout the building by copper lines. This is a popular choice for apartment buildings, hotels, schools or buildings that provide Internet to several different businesses.
  • FTTSFiber to the cabinet/curb, neighborhood, or street are the most common fiber connections. Fiber is delivered to a street cabinet, around 1000ft from the farthest premise, and is then dispersed by copper cables. It is the most affordable fiber optic Internet connection for ISPs because they do not have to invest in costly infrastructure to the individual premises, and it can be re-distributed if/when new residence or businesses move in

Our roll-out services include;

  • Site allocation, acquisition and design
  • Construction work

Maintenance services include;

  • Preventive maintenance measures
  • Repair and restoration of service

In case of damage to fiber cables a team will be deployed to provide a temporary fix and restore network until a permanent solution/ repairs can be implemented.